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100g Fine Silver Minted Bar Spiral of Time

@ R1,250.44

Here are the details of the Buy-Back process:

  • Our Guaranteed Buy-Back undertaking has been structured to make selling your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium minted bar/s as simple, informed and easy as possible
  • As MetCon is able to track all bars sold into the market using its serial numbers, we are able to instantly authenticate to whom the bar was sold and verify who is selling back
  • MetCon disclose exact details of our Buy-Back undertaking openly and transparently on our website which is linked to the prevailing spot price for the precious metal.
  • You, our valued investors, are continuously kept informed of the Buy-Back rate throughout the period for which you hold the investment. This allows you to select the most appropriate timing to suit your needs and circumstances.
  • MetCon undertake to Buy-Back any quantity of minted bars that have been sold by us or our distributors into the South African market – there is no restriction whatsoever on the quantity that you wish to sell.



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