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The Story

Shabangu, Mbhele! These are the introductory praise names of Bullion Bear founder, Smanga Shabangu, who hails from the Swati nation of the Nguni people. The Shabangy’s, also known as the emaBhele (the Mbheles: A Shabangu praise name that means ‘Bear’), are the ‘human bears’ of the Nguni. Being a Mbhele who sells Gold bullion, Bullion Bear was born.

Established in 2016, the Bullion Bear aims to encourage and facilitate the ownership of Bullion Metals in the African market. Bullion Bear, situated in the heart of South Africa’s City of Gold, Johannesburg, is the new African Gold Standard. Bullion Bear Medallions, and Bullion Bear Bars are available to our clients.

Bullion Bear has partnered with one of South Africa’s leading refineries, Metal Concentrators, ensuring a trustworthy supply of African Gold products.

Bullion Bear minted bars are solid savings and investments our clients can bank on, literally!

This is the Bullion Bear Commitment.

Key Features

Fine Silver
Unique Serial Number
Fine Gold
Buy-back Guarantee
Proof quality

Size Chart

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  • 100g Fine Silver Minted Bar Bullion Bear


    This fine silver minted bar features the deep relief stylistic head of a bear and Bullion Bear logo surrounded by a wavy modern streak pattern on the reverse. The obverse contains the MC logo, weight, metal and purity and country of origin, South Africa. A unique number is engraved along the bottom of the bar. The bar comes in MC branded Tamper-resistant packaging in assay which features the correlating unique number, weight and metal fineness on the back as well as an authentication QR code. The Bullion Bear minted bars are available in Gold (10g, 50g, 100g) and Silver (100g).

    Each individual minted bar comes standard in a tamper-proof Certiline bar card, shipped in sophisticated MetCon packaging.

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