Live Pricing & Payments

Why Live Pricing

All our products are linked to the Global live metal prices in order to provide physical products at the most competitive rates, whether buying or selling. The prices move according to the market data with refresh rates of under 10 seconds enabling the discerning investor to trade physical precious metals with the comfort that their investment is based in the global markets. Linking to the live market prices also enables MetCon to continuously offer the most competitive rates for physical investment precious metal products in the market. After extensive research, MetCon has partnered with the Global expert in commodity pricing, Refinitiv (formerly known as Thomson Reuters), to enable a live real-time connection for all our products into the global precious metal market.

How is the price determined and what do the red and green indicator arrows mean?

MetCon makes use of the Refinitiv Knowledge Direct API as the live feed of market prices. MetCon does not influence, edit or manipulate the prices that we receive from Refinitiv. What we get is what we give to you.

Our website makes use of red and green indicator arrows to assist with the most recent movement in the metal prices. The popping red arrow indicates that the most recent metal price has fallen. The popping green arrow means the most recent metal price has risen.

But if the product prices are continuously changing, then what is the final price that I pay?

Once you add the products to your shopping cart, your price is locked in for 5 minutes. If you decide to browse and add further items to the cart, then each new item will have its’ own reserved price for 5 minutes. Once you have added all your items and clicked on the check-out item; your cart will refresh the price on any products that have exceeded the 5 minute window, the remaining products will have their prices locked. These prices are used for the final order confirmation page.

At the order confirmation page, your prices are locked for a further 5 minutes to allow for the payment to be made, before being refreshed. You will have an option of paying using your credit or debit card through a third party payment gateway, or by processing an EFT.

How do I pay?


You have the option to pay via EFT at the end of your check out process. Your invoice will be sent through to your email address and you will have 60 minutes in which to provide a proof of payment before the order expires. You’ll need to send your proof of payment through to to confirm your order. Once the payment has cleared, your order will be loaded for delivery to your nominated address.

What if I don’t provide a proof of payment within 60 minutes?

The order gets cancelled and prices refreshed for you to re-do your checkout.

Card Payments

We welcome payment via credit card or debit card through our Peach Payments Gateway. The fees associated with the use of the payment gateway will be added to the total cost of the order with no additional cost is added by MetCon.

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Should you have any queries, please contact us for assistance.

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