Ubuntu Gold


I am because we are

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
A person is a person through other persons

Ubuntu is knowing our oneness. Recognising that our humanity may only deepen when we acknowledge and appreciate the humanity of the one opposite us. It is the soul of Africa and its people, riches beyond the material. Ubuntu is a meal when one is hungry, and community when one is starved.

Ubuntu Gold is our celebration of Africa. A creative expression of culture, difference and hope. This is an important creation in the journey towards achieving our vision of The Evolution of African Wealth.

The world has a heartbeat

A drum one can hear in the dark night, if it is silent
It does not sound through the fields or across the desert
It does not crash with the waves

It is deep

You can feel it
In your belly and in your fingers
But you need to slow down
And remember what has been forgotten


A wholeness that calls from the inside
Like family
And asks you to come home
To Africa

The Makings of Ubuntu

The Makings of Ubuntu

Traditional Southern African artwork is a language, code-like and revealing. Shapes, form and colour may communicate emotion, status, identity and personal prayer.

Ubuntu Gold weaves together distinct African motifs to represent people who call Africa home and believe in her greater good. We focus on similarities, rather than differences.

The centered spiral, omnipresent in our world, is a natural symbol of Ubuntu. Emanating endlessly from its origin, it represents the limitless potential of those who recognise the influence and importance of community.

94 dots encircle the circumference, representing South Africa’s first free and fair election in 1994. A moment that ignited hope of a prosperous and harmonious future for Africa and its people.

The converse is Mother Africa. Fierce protector and nurturer.

Mother Africa, the strength 
                    of the sacred feminine
Nelson Mandela
Ubuntu Gold’s Qualifications

Ubuntu Gold’s Qualifications

The ethical standards of Ubuntu Gold, from metal through process to piece, are of the finest in the world. The gold was legitimately and responsibly sourced. It was beneficiated on South African soil, with refining processes that meet international environmental standards. Ubuntu Gold is crafted at MetCon.

99.99% pure gold

Ubuntu is wholeness.


*Ubuntu Gold is now available at the Live Metal Price. Excl VAT and packaging.


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