Annual Shut Down

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The management and staff of MetCon would like to thank our loyal clients for their support in the 2016 year. We look forward to being of great service in the 2017 year once again. To re-charge our batteries, we will be closing for our annual holiday over the Festive Season from the 23rd December 2016 till 9th January 2017.

Minter Bar Dates to diarize

Orders may be placed through our website during the closing period, however should you still wish to receive your order before closing we will be processing last orders on the 20th December 2016.

Should you place your order while we are closed, the order will only be processed on the 9th January 2017 based on the current days trade price & exchange rate.

Casting Department Dates to diarize

To all our Jeweller clients,  please note that last day for receiving casting files & waxes is the 15th December. These will need to be in our PTA branch on or before the 15th December should you wish to receive the goods before closing.

Refining Dates to Diarize

To all our Refining clients, the last day to receive refining for processing & payment in the 2016 year would be the 9th December 2016.

If you need any clarification on any of these dates please do not hesitate to contact us.

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